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A couple of weeks ago, sitting in my mom’s kitchen with my awesome and not too distant family members, a true story was told of paying off an enormous debt to the IRS. Five years it took this family member to finally pay off the debt that wasn’t even his fault. The debt caused by an employee/ traitor in his business , ultimately became his responsibility as the owner of the business. He was forced to pay the IRS three times the amount of his house payment every month and was left with little to nothing to live on each month. So of course when he announced to the family it was finally paid off, our entire family rejoiced with him, right there in the kitchen!

Now here is the most interesting part, once the IRS bill was paid for, the next month they still sent him a death threat/ bill saying he owed! He immediately called his contact person there and asked what was up! She explained that it takes a long time for them to get it into their computer system and they will continue to send bills out to him but just know to ignore them.  The funny thing was when she was about to hang up, she said, “Sir…. uhm….., you actually overpaid, turns out we owe you!”

What does this have to do with your kids or even you?  Well, often the enemy pretends to be God’s voice and tells you and your kids that you have to work harder and owe God for His favor, that more works have to be done in order to receive His favor. But I have good news my friends, Jesus overpaid with His work on the cross so that we can receive God’s undeserved favor apart from our works! It turns out the enemy may be sending you death letters (condemnation) and threats but the truth is God overpaid  for  you and your children’s behalf! Receive what Christ has done for you and your family and throw away the condemnation today!

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