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Abortion is like missions?

Posted: July 3, 2019 in Uncategorized


Today I saw that our area of downtown Fort Worth is displaying signs that say “In no God we trust”. We have lived in the Fort Worth area for almost 40 years and this really is no surprise. Nearly one million people in our area and less than 5% attend church regularly according to some church surveys. In the early 1980s, our parents moved our entire family across the world to Papua New Guinea to be missionaries. After four years of living in an area that desperately needed Jesus, my heart was cemented to seeing the power of the gospel to the lost and newly saved. When I moved back to Fort Worth, even as a young child, I recognized the difference between missions and missionaries. We appreciated hosting people in our home on weekly missions in New Guinea but knew they would return to the comfort of their own country. They wouldn’t lay down their lives with us on the mission field to see people being trained and discipled for Jesus. Not too long ago I took my teenage son on a mission trip to Belize. I explained to him the difference in a mission and a missionary. A mission will often make the person going feel good because they stepped out of their comfort for a week and led people to the Lord, which is a blessing. Then the local church and local missionary carry the tremendous responsibility to train that new believer in the Word of God and walk with them on their journey of faith years after that weekly mission is gone. Often people on a “mission trip” value the feel-good of  “leading people to Christ” or “feeding the poor” greater than the mundane discipline of training them in their journey of faith.  Please understand both are needed but one is sorely lacking. America often values sex over being parents and raising a newborn.  One makes a person feel good, the other takes years of sacrifice and love. We see this with abortion in our country. Fathers and mothers who will be faithful to love and sacrifice are missing in our country. The same is happening in Fort Worth with the Body of Christ. One person asked me what kind of missions are we doing overseas as a church? When I told him that as a young church nearly 40 percent of our giving goes to our local community, he scoffed. Many Christians would rather support missions all around the world and refuse to be fathers and mothers in their own community because missions make them feel good and being a missionary in their area would take sacrifice and why do that when abortion is widely accepted? Is it possible there are actually American government officials who would rather support other countries than their own people? Who has God entrusted us with to influence? What young believer have we committed to walk with on their journey of faith? Can He trust us with more? Did you know as a Christian we are already a missionary at work, home and wherever we place our feet?  A missionary knows it takes time and faithfulness to make an impact. A missionary joins with the local church to help train young believers. Trust the power of Christ in you and Christ through you to be faithful as ambassadors for Jesus wherever you live.

In His grace,

Brandon Pollard