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Is Tithing Grace Or Obligation

Posted: December 26, 2020 in Uncategorized

Jesus moved by compassion to touch the lepers. This is how we can move in our life in the Holy Spirit, by compassion. We are new creations, once we put our faith in Jesus and life in the Spirit is normal. Compassion moves from a place of victory not for victory. Jesus knew He was loved and God was well pleased with Him before he ever healed someone with leprosy. Abraham gave ten percent to the High Priest, not for victory but from victory. When we receive compassion from Jesus in our daily walk with Him, we can give compassion away. Freely we have received so we freely give. The opposite of compassion is obligation. Obligation is how the world lives their life. A spouse that lives under obligation will say “I better not commit adultery because I’m married.” A spouse that lives by compassion will say “I choose to grow deeper in love with my spouse.” One spouse is focused on the negative, one the positive. This is the difference between law and grace.

The law from the Mosaic covenant was obligation, remember “Thou shall not commit adultery”? The law never empowered the love and compassion from the Holy Spirit a spouse needs for a great marriage. The law always demands (obligation) and grace supplies (compassion). Abraham gave 100 percent of his victory in war to the kings of the land. We give 100 percent of ourselves to the King of kings because all of us was purchased for a deep price. Victory didn’t come to Abraham because he gave ten percent, he already had the victory and was responding with compassion. The kings and their kingdom were blessed with His compassion. The church and His kingdom are blessed because of your compassion. Compassion and grace are the character of Jesus Christ in you. You have the compassion in you, He is our High Priest!

Hebrews 7 :1 This Melchizedek was king of the city of Salem and also a priest of God Most High. When Abraham was returning home after winning a great battle against the kings, Melchizedek met him and blessed him. 2 Then Abraham took a tenth of all he had captured in battle and gave it to Melchizedek. The name Melchizedek means “king of justice,” and king of Salem means “king of peace.”

Equipping Disciples of Jesus to Receive, Give and Serve In Grace,

Brandon Pollard

Hear me out, maybe you grew up in a home where there was a lot of shouting? I can relate. There is a type of shouting that is healthy in our house for our kids and others to hear. It’s the type of shouting that brings our soul to attention. From depression to joy, kind of snap out of it, engine revving shouting for our soul. Sure your body might need coffee to wake up, but your soul may need shouting for joy.

Psalm 132:9 Let Your priests be clothed with righteousness,
And let Your saints shout for joy.

Need something good to shout about to the Lord? How about that you were clothed with the robe of righteousness instead of wearing your filthy, nappy rags of self righteousness you were born with? How about waking up your soul with praise unto the Lord for that? Why wait until Sunday? What if the preacher or the worship leader didn’t have to drag you into the courts of praise with lights, fog and your favorite coffee and song in the lobby? What if you were living a lifestyle of praise Monday through Saturday and then on Sunday it was an overflow of joy for gathering with the saints? Would the next generation be inspired by our praise? Would it be contagious for our family?

Do you think it was David’s first time to dance and sing (in his underwear by the way) when the ark of the covenant was brought back to Israel? No he lived a lifestyle of praise and he rejoiced in public not to showoff but because he couldn’t contain the overflow of joy. The man after God’s own heart understood shouting for joy. By the way, it’s not shouting because you have joy, its shouting for joy. It’s not shouting random things out loud or at people. It’s shouting about God’s goodness so your soul will magnify the Lord.

Psalm 47:1 Oh, clap your hands, all you peoples! Shout to God with the voice of triumph!

God could have put David in 2020 but in His sovereignty He placed you and I to overcome the world with the Holy Spirit and His power. You are the light of the world (not just the church world) so go into your closet right now or outside and shout with your loudest voice. The difference in religion and relationship is one of these only happens in a church building. Don’t feel like shouting because you are depressed? Then be led by your feelings instead of God’s word. Wait until the music and laser show is just right at church and you hear a few shouting from across the people in a church concert. Wait until the organ is just right and keyboardist has played your favorite song and then say “God really moved in this service because I finally feel joyful”. Or you could just ………….shout for joy right now and bring that joy with you on Sunday:)