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Every Christian has the power of the Holy Spirit sealed within them. Not every Christian desires for the Holy Spirit to flow through them. Elon Musk was quoted saying, “Many people panic when they lose their phone charger, few people panic when they lose their dreams.” There should be a holy discontent when we are not experiencing heaven’s dream (will) of Christ flowing through us impacting our body and others. The simplicity of the gospel offends the world and even most Christians deny the power. How would we deny the power? It might not be what you think! It is not denying the natural or discounting the world’s medicine. It is not the absence of anything but the simple faith receiving of what Jesus already paid for.

I thought we already had all of Christ in us? We don’t need any addition, right? Faith in salvation from Christ, sealed you the first time and it worked. Exercising faith is what opens the rivers of living water inside you to impact the world for His kingdom. Remember everything in the gospel is simple but doesn’t mean God will do it for you. He is not trying to control you. This is why a fruit of His spirit is self-control.

Just think if I told you I bought the newest and greatest apple laptop for you at the nearest Best Buy. All you have to do is take the receipt and pick it up, it is paid for. Would you complain about the hassle and effort of having to stand in line to pick it up? Some would. Some might even pick it up and never open the laptop for what it is intended. Universal Salvation, which is a false religion, says God makes everyone take the laptop. No God loved the entire world and paid for their sins but without faith (receipt) in Jesus, salvation is not received. Then on top of that once the laptop (salvation) is received, there are so many benefits to learn and exercise your faith to receive. Some simple ways to exercise your faith with Christ through you is to receive communion. Many Christians will diligently take the recommended doctor’s pills for years but waiting for the manifestation of communion for a few weeks to heal their body is a hassle. Too simple for Jesus’ recommendation to work? Yep, the gospel is simple and a stumbling stone for the world who see themselves as wise.

Equipping Disciples of Jesus To Receive, Give, and Serve In Grace

Brandon Pollard