Fierce Gentleness

Posted: July 13, 2022 in Uncategorized

Jesus, while on the earth, had this fierce intensity and gentleness to protect His Father’s reputation and His Father’s sheep. Yet for every moment of fierceness intensity, we find in the gospels that His fierce gentleness was the character that outweighed anything like sand over shells on the shore. “He who has seen me has seen the Father”, said Jesus to Philip, who was possibly discontent with the humanity of Jesus and hoping for a glimpse of what He deemed more spiritual, God the Father.

The “carrot and the stick” is the simplest way to explain the mosaic law devastating the land when Jesus began His ministry. The pharisees and law enforcers had built their kingdom promising reward from God for a sacrificial price. Jesus became the sacrificial price paid for everyone who believes to receive the reward of sonship in His Father’s kingdom. He revealed God’s reputation and heart in the process. During His three year ministry, those who didn’t believe they needed a savior because they thought they were really good at the law themselves, he gave more law. Those who felt the heaviness of the law and were desperate for a savior, He offered gentleness and grace.

When we read the gospels today, there is still such hope in His parables to the crowd of the “sinners”. Why is there hope? Because those reliant on Him as a savior see the fierce gentleness and grace He supplies. What happened when the audience of His words changed to the law enforcers? Fierce intensity to share how serious the law is and that only one man could fulfill it. His name is Jesus!

Equipping Disciples of Jesus To Receive, Give, and Serve In Grace,

Brandon Pollard

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