7 Signs You Might Be Overdue For A Date.

Posted: August 29, 2022 in Uncategorized

Here are our top seven signs, my wife and I came up with, that indicate marriages might be overdue for a date night…..

Sign Number 7: Sex Life is Boring- nothing spices up the romance in the bedroom like a fun date together. When you plan and discuss how the date is going to end, the anticipation makes even twenty five years of marriage exciting.

Sign Number 6: None Of Your Fancy Clothes Fit– can’t fit into that evening wear? If the last time you wore your expensive evening clothing was at someone else’s wedding, it might be time for a date. Have no where to go that’s fancy? You could possibly book a night stay at the local luxury hotel and dress for marriage success!

Sign Number 5: You Can Only Hold A Conversation With A 5 year old– it may be time for your marriage date night to get away from the kids. That’s right leaving them at home with the baby sitter so that you two can remember how to speak the adult language of love. You can both gaze into each others eyes and communicate the way you began before they enhanced (hijacked) your marriage.

Sign Number 4: Social Media Doesn’t Reflect You’re Even Married– fun times together can share to all of social media that your spouse is a priority and you both are spoken for. If there are no dates, it’s possible you both are announcing to the social media creepers, there are no serious moments of priority in your marriage.

Sign Number 3: All Your Phone Pics Are Kid Activities– it may be time for a date if your are scrolling through your phone and all the fun pictures are kid related. Don’t have any pictures of your spouse laughing just the two of you but have hundreds of little Johnny with his soccer ball? It may be time for some fun with your spouse!

Sign Number 2: Your Adventure Stories Involve Only Your Kids– it may be time for a date/vacation if all your adventure stories involve children. When was the last time you had an adventure on an outdoor date because of a thunderstorm? Remember being together on a soccer field for little Johnny’s game doesn’t count.

Sign Number 1: You Know Your Kid’s Hopes and Dreams But Don’t Know Your Spouse’s– there is no graduating from dating and knowing your spouse. If you know that little Johnny’s dream is to be an astronaut and you pour time and resources into him, that is healthy. The next question is how much time and prayer are you pouring into your spouse’s hopes and dream and is that healthy?

Thank you for joining my wife and I on our marriage journey of learning together. For nearly twenty five years we have made it a priority to date and vacation annually together without our children, just the two of us. We refuse to stop learning and praying for each other because we know that Hollywood and the world doesn’t promote healthy marriages but God does.

Brandon and Dana Pollard


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