How To Pray For A Happy Marriage

Posted: September 26, 2022 in Uncategorized

There is a movement happening in Texas. It’s beginning with a small group of people who are prioritizing King Jesus in their home. Many of us in this movement didn’t grow up seeing a revival of happiness in our home. So for Jesus to ask us to be the change in our family tree and to break generational curses within our marriages, we feel the call to step forward. Even when our friends say we are crazy for not putting our jobs or our children over our marriage. We yield to the Biblical priority of our marriage being our greatest ministry to King Jesus!

We hear the high calling of Jesus to lift up our spouses first in life and in prayer. We will not pray the kind of prayer that says, “Please change my spouse”. These prayers so often feel “unanswered” because Jesus is planning to do a change in us! I am so grateful my wife didn’t wait for me to change to take the leap of faith Jesus was calling her to…….Happiness! She decided in her heart that she would take this step of faith called happiness and when she did, her freedom gave me the freedom to choose happiness for myself! Her powerful choice empowered me to rid myself of my excuses for discontentment. I was free to choose to not let my past or current pain become my identity.

We discovered pain is just temporary so why identify with something that is passing through? Even when pain seems like an eternity of a child hood to you, we don’t have to identify with pain but we can identify daily with the joy and happiness of Jesus! Do you believe Jesus is a life of joy or do you think He identifies with the temporary pain His followers cause Him? We see Him content and truly happy with you and I, the little children the Father has entrusted Him. For the believer, Jesus is the real you, and He desires to be the center of your marriage by first becoming the center of you! The most powerful prayer you can pray in marriage is this: “Jesus teach me to choose happiness even during pain and identify with you”.

Whatever pain you are experiencing today, we believe in you, that you can be truly joyful and happy and bring that to your marriage.

Heal the Home, Heal the World,

Brandon and Dana Pollard

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