Wrapped Is A Love Sacrifice!

Posted: December 20, 2022 in Uncategorized

What if every wrapped gift comes with sacrifice? I believe that because it’s easier to throw a gift in a bag this time of year, there is a deeper respect for those who take the time and craftiness to neatly wrap a present under the tree. One takes more sacrifice.

Jesus wrapped himself in humanity from the King of Heaven to the frailty of a wrapped baby in a manger. The shepherds would have had to had faith hearing the testimony of the angels because there were no miracles this baby King was performing, no levitating over water, or healing of the blind. Fully God, fully baby with probable smells of a baby that were mistaken for barn smells.

Religion often desires the supernatural without embracing the humanity for the natural, wrapping the unseen supernatural. The fact that God loves to package our miracles in something that is so dismissive as humans is probably humorous to a Father that wants to see His children receive from each other.

When we became born again, we became co-laborers with Christ to be ambassadors for God’s design and plan for the earth. Our body is purchased and became the wrapping (temple) of the Holy Spirit. Which really is exciting when we enter a room with people that have been held captive under darkness, we unwrap the love of Jesus and set the captives free by binding up the broken hearted with the power of the Holy Spirit. How? We are a co-laborer so we can’t be surprised when the miracle is already in our hands, in our mouth and in our gifts. It may never look like it is enough in the natural, which is the humor God works with to take us on a journey to trust him for the supernatural. The wrapping of the baby would have looked unimpressive. The wrapping of His dead body would have been hope deflating. But God always takes the wrapping of the natural sacrifice and invites us to open our spiritual eyes to see what Heaven sees!

Heal the Home, Heal the World

Brandon Pollard


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