Friends and Forgiveness

Posted: January 24, 2023 in Uncategorized

Jesus was amazed at four friends who had faith enough to rip off a roof and lower their paralyzed friend to the feet of Jesus. Everyone needs friends that are seeking the kingdom first because when it comes time to go to spiritual war, the ones that are building their own kingdom first can often be too busy to even notice anyone around them is paralyzed.

Jesus lived forgiveness from Heaven but didn’t trust everyone. Forgiveness from Heaven and trust from Heaven are not the same thing. Forgiveness is a gift to the entire world through Jesus. John said, “behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.”. Trust from Jesus is through relationship and obedience to His love. Jesus removed himself from the physical abuse of the self righteous trying to stone him because He didn’t trust them…..of course it wasn’t his time for the cross (John 8:59). There are people in your life to do ministry to, but Jesus possibly hasn’t called you to do ministry with. The friends that are running to Jesus and living godliness for love, not gain, are the ones to do ministry with.

The Apostle Paul was going to spiritual war for the early church and disagreed with Barnabas to separate ways. They didn’t separate because of doctrinal issues or because of any unforgiveness. They separated because Paul didn’t trust who Barnabas was ministering with. Barnabas had a cousin ( John Mark) who had already stepped away from the ministry once during a difficult work time and the trust was broken with Paul (Acts 15:36-39) It is healthy to have many friends and enemies that you forgive with the power of the Holy Spirit and it’s healthy to have a few friends you trust to seek Jesus with. Take time this week to be the trusted friend to rip off the roof for someone close to reach the feet of Jesus!

Brandon Pollard

Heal Home Heal World

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