Forgiving Spiritual Fathers

Posted: January 30, 2023 in Uncategorized

When someone “owes” us an apology, there is possibly bitterness that has taken root in our heart. Don’t get me wrong, our soul enjoys a good performance of tears and a vocalized “sorry” when trust has been broken. But the Biblical definition of forgiveness is the removal of debt owed. For some of us growing up in the local church with “spiritual shepherds/fathers” that broke our trust has played out more times than we prefer to count. In my judgmental heart, I promised God I would be a better shepherd and protect the sheep with a tender heart and yet found myself saying the same things I had judged other spiritual fathers for. When I open my heart to God in this area, He reminds me I am forgiven without debt. Quickly judgment of other spiritual fathers debt is removed as well. Talking with many loving pastors who have hurt and said the wrong things to possible one percent of the sheep they feed, it is the one percent that keeps them up at night with regret of breaking trust and misrepresenting Jesus. The enemy often reminds them of the one they disappointed, so that they focus on failures and feel powerless from feeding and making disciples. Let us pray blessings for those who hurt us and truly discover there is no debt that is owed to us.

Heal Home, Heal World

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