Finding GOOD ADVICE for a healthy family.

Posted: March 11, 2023 in Uncategorized

Ever received parenting advice from someone who didn’t have kids themselves? Probably not well received from you as a parent, am I right? Many understand receiving good advice from someone who is just two steps ahead of us can be true wisdom. What if the person giving advice is two steps ahead but is not successful? Should we take their poor advice?

If someone in the business world is selling $1,000,000.00 a year of products or services and you are selling $500,000.00 annually then you will probably attend their workshop or seminar to learn advice how to make your next goals. Same thing is necessary in growing a healthy family, find some people that are successful, just two step ahead, and be intentional to ask how to reach your goals. Some Christians are more intentional to have goals in business and asking advice with their money than they are with their family and suddenly realize it’s too late. Here are three personal goals we look for to receive advice to invest in a healthy family. Today we value good family advice especially with young adults in college.


  1. Are their children passionate for Jesus and serve a local church weekly?
  2. Is their marriage healthy enough to allow both couples shine in their talent and gifting together.
  3. Are they married to the same person and still enjoy the local church, dating, and vacations together.


  1. Their children are self-centered building their own kingdom not Christ-centered.
  2. Their marriage is insecure where one is fulfilling their dream but the other suffers.
  3. Remarried and advising us to focus on financial goals while ignoring our church and family.

Again, these are our family goals to pursue good advice and do not have to be yours. Just make sure you know your goals for your family, write them down, and believe in them to pursue good family advice as much or more than jobs and money.

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