Mother’s Reflect Jesus!

Posted: May 14, 2023 in Uncategorized

Every year, as the body of Christ, we take time to honor and reflect on motherhood and the the gift the Lord has given us as families. By honoring one member of the family, God does not rob from others. He carries plenty of honor for every member, as every member of his Body is needed. The spiritual gift of a father is often to plant seeds and create life with his words. Men invest their strength to soften the ground of the hearts God entrusted him with. The spiritual gift of a mother often is nurturing and protecting those God entrusted, even at the expense of their own body. Mothers carry a gift of compassion and patience to see the children rooted in love.

Mother’s often reflect Jesus when they nurture babies and give them the affection and nutrients from their own body. A child with a loving mother doesn’t just have head knowledge they are loved. Children have truly experienced the love from their mother and wouldn’t be alive and healthy without her. So when we honor a mother annually for her earthly gifts to the family, how much more should we honor for her spiritual gifts? What do those spiritual gifts look like? They often look like Jesus.

God empowered Jesus as head of the church (ekklesia) which is the assembly of the saints. Fathers can empower mother’s to be head of the home. What we often see is husbands who give a wife a house and she makes it a home. A godly father often is strategic with providing and nurturing his wife. A godly mother is often strategic to invest in her children and home. Whenever the temperature of her attitude in praise and gratitude to God rises so does the comfort level of everyone living in the home. A godly mother is the thermostat of her home.

Heal the Home, Heal the World

Brandon Pollard

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