Excuse me, passing through!

Posted: April 13, 2023 in Uncategorized

Ever been in a crowded line and you have family up at the front of the line saving a spot for you? The people in line aren’t always excited that you are moving ahead of them. In fact some might even make rude comments to you or their friends. It’s honestly a weird feeling to say, “Excuse me, passing through to my family up ahead.” Sure you may have had to step away to use the restroom or grab a drink, but they don’t care about the excuse. They care that someone is moving ahead before them.

The Psalmist said he walked through the valley of the shadow of death and that he would fear no evil. As a child of God we are just passing through valleys. No need to build our home there or identify with a failure or evil. You have Jesus guiding you and yes He may bring other believers along with a map. Think about the Apostle Paul who was Saul and was blinded and needed a guide to pray over him and share more about Jesus. Then He spent years learning from the disciples and other mature Christians, who Jesus was for Him, before His ministry to the gentiles.

What if we have the “Just me and Jesus” attitude that some Christians carry or even Christian married couples (who are really just one flesh in God’s eyes)? Then we often find ourselves having been in the same valley for a long period of time. Without walking with Godly people that Jesus sends our way, we can find ourselves stuck in the valley of poverty and not passing through. Maybe stuck in the valley of sickness and need some Godly friends with faith to open a roof? How about the valley of isolation or the valley of depression? Many valleys are unavoidable for Christians who are in the world but shadows are not to be feared and valleys are made to pass through. Worldly friends will possibly make rude comments or unfriend you but ALL of Heaven is cheering you on to pass through the valley and so are we!


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